Free passes to You've got GEEK's screening of "The Room"

There are two ways to get yourself some free passes to the worst movie ever made, who wouldn't want that?

1) Go to iTunes and give “You’ve Got Geek on You” a rating and write a review (iTunes link- HERE). Then send us an email at with the name that was used for the review/or a screenshot of the iTunes page with the review. Once we confirm that everything is legit, the passes are yours. Be sure to include your a name and mailing address at the end of the email so we can send you the passes. If you submit your review after Monday May 14th we will have your name on our list and give you the passes at the theater.

2) If you’re one of the kind listeners who has already given us a rating/review on iTunes, don’t worry. You can still win tickets. You can either get a friend to rate/review the show on iTunes and send us the proof OR you can spread the word about “You’ve Got Geek” and The Room screening somewhere: mention us and the screening on message boards, make a flyer for the show and hand it out on your college campus, include a note about the screening in your company newsletter. Get creative*! Email us the proof and your mailing address and the tickets are yours!

We look forward to seeing you on May 18!

The YGG Crew

*Don’t Do Anything Illegal