You've got GEEK- 235- Kingsman: The Sercret Service- 2/18/15

We get in our Oscar predictions, discuss the latest news, brave the waters known as "Fifty Shades of Grey" and dive into Matthew Vaughn's latest film "Kingsman: The Secret Service".



GEEK Peek- Da Sweet Blood of Jesus- 2/13/15

Welcome to GEEK Peek, our bonus show that gives you a look at current films as they hit the big screen. This week we take a peek at Spike Lee's vampiric new joint, "The Sweet Blood of Jesus".


You've got GEEK- Episode 234- Jupiter Ascending- 2/11/14

In the News: Marvel Rents Spider-Man from Sony, Jon Stewart Announces departure from "The Daily Show". WRPL: "Better Call Saul", JD McPherson's new album "Let the Good Times Roll", "SpongeBob: The Movie" and more. Our feature review this week is the Wachowski's "Jupiter Ascending".



You've got GEEK- our Favorite Films of 2014

We finally weigh in on our favorite films of 2014. It's good for your cinematic soul!


You've got GEEK- Special- The Duke of Burgundy film review & Director Interview- 1/30/15

We are excited to bring you an early look at the new film from director Peter Strickland, "The Duke of Burgundy". Every now and again we get the chance to see something we think our audience will really dig, and this is one of those times. We're also thrilled to bring you an interview with director Peter Strickland, who is, in our opinion, one of the most exciting filmmakers working today. Enjoy!