You've got GEEK- 209- Captain America: The Winter Soldier- 4/11/14

We are joined by geek writer extraordinaire Tara Bennett (SFX Magazine, Showrunners) to get all spoileriffic on the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe- "Captain America: The Winter Soldier". Plus we give you our picks for the most anticipated films of Summer 2014.

Our musical break this week is brought to you by the super talented, summery pop group "Sidewalk Atlas". They deliver a jazzy cover of the "Adventure Time" theme song for your travels in the land of Ooo. Check them out HERE!



You've got GEEK- 208- Noah- 4/4/14

Darren Aronofsky's "Noah" is a film that demands discussion, and we do just that.


Geek Peek- Captain America: The Winter Soldier- 4/4/14

Welcome to GEEK Peek, our bonus show that gives you a look at current films as they hit the big screen. This week we take a peek at the hotly anticipated new Marvel film "Captain America: The Winter Soldier".


You've got GEEK- 207- Lloyd Kaufman, Veronica Mars, Divergent- 3/26/14

We have a ton of topics for you this week (and an extra long run time). The "Veronica Mars" film, "Divergent", Troma's "Return to Nuke 'em High", Jackie Chan's "Chinese Zodiac" and much, much more are discussed for your podcasting pleasure.

As a sweet, toxic bonus, our very own Brendan Carr interviews the legendary Lloyd Kaufman about Troma's latest release "Return to Nuke 'em High Vol.1".




You've got GEEK- 206- True Detective- 3/19/14

We get deep inside HBO's "True Detective" this week, so deep we end up critiquing the show's critics. Plus we have all manner of news, and another look at "300: Rise of an Empire".