You've got GEEK- Episode 64- 6/9/10

Get Him To The Greek, Splice, Survival Of The Dead, Caddyshack on Blu, plus News and Coco live!

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You've got GEEK- Episode 63- 5/27/10

We continue to keep your summer movie viewing on track with our reviews of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and Shrek Forever After. Plus Stagecoach on Blu Ray!

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You've got GEEK- Lost Finale Special (GUEST: Tara Bennett)

It's time for us to say goodbye to Lost. We are joined by co-author of the Official Lost Encyclopedia, and current protector of the island, Tara Bennett to help us move on.

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You've got GEEK- Episode 62- 5/19/10

Unlike some other Robin Hoods, we can speak with an English accent.

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You've got GEEK- Episode 61- 5/12/10

This week the Summer movie season officially kicks off with Iron Man 2, and we're here to tell you if Favreau and RDJ can bring the magic a second time. Plus, we give our thoughts on the upcoming Jonah Hex film and motion comic, get an early review of Shrek Forever After, gush over the latest episode of Community, and realize the infinite possibilities of superhero porn.


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