You've got GEEK- Episode 59- 4/28/10

This week we dig in to our mail bag to give our listeners a chance to chime in. We also take a look at the new comic book series "American Vampire", review the new films "The Losers" and "The Backup Plan" (that's not a typo), Unleash the "Human Centipede" and Kevin and Bob vs Citizen Kane! It's on!

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You've got GEEK- Episode 58- 4/21/10

This week: Kick-Ass! Plus, Doctor Who, Remembering Mr. Movie, Dune on Blu Ray, and a Bob Trate rant!

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You've got GEEK- Episode 57- 4/14/10

With the summer blockbuster season about to touch down we thought it would be a good idea to give some attention to a smaller film- indie superhero flick "Defendor". We also reminisce about G.I. Joe and the A-Team, review the Blu Ray of Nightmare on Elm Street, and try to figure out what's wrong with the Batman books.

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You've got GEEK- Episode 56- 4/7/10

We have an extra-sized episode this week thanks to our Summer 2010 Movie Preview and the first big film of the season- Clash of the Titans. Plus The Fly, Attack of the Clones reviewed by Red Letter Media, The White Stripes, our Tee Fury addiction, and Basketball?

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You've got GEEK- Episode 55- 3/31/10

We talk about some good TV this week in FX's "Justified" and HBO's "The Pacific", We review "How To Train Your Dragon" and "Hot Tub Time Machine", Bob gives us his top 5 time travel movies of all time, and we give you our breakdown of 2010 so far.

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