You've got GEEK- 216- Edge of Tomorrow, 22 Jump Street, Coherence- 6/18/14

We suit up to discuss the most talked about movie of the summer so far, "Edge of Tomorrow", and we find out if the 22nd time is the charm for the Lord and Miller sequel, "22 Jump Street". We also have the inside track on new indie Sci-Fi gem, "Coherence", plus your "Jaws" quotes!



You've got GEEK- 215- Maleficent, A Million Ways to Die in the West- 6/4/14

We've got two big summer releases to discuss, "Maleficent" and "A Million Ways to Die in the West", and a few smaller films as well, "Chef" and "We are the Best". Plus, Chuck reviews two new books, "Artemis Awakening" and "California Bones", and we dig into some listener mail.


You've got GEEK- Episode 214- X-Men: Days of Future Past- 5/28/14

Our favorite guest, Tara Bennett (SFX Magazine, Showrunners) joins us for the time traveling trip that is "X-Men: Days of Future Past". We also discuss the new Jim Jarmusch film "Only Lovers Left Alive" and the creepy Scarlett Johansson indie "Under the Skin". On the Blu-ray front we take a look at "Home of the Brave" and a slew of Godzilla films. Plus the departures of Edgar Wright from "Ant-Man" and Drew Goddard from "Daredevil", and the addition of "Godzilla" director Gareth Edwards to the "Star Wars" universe.

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You've got GEEK- Episode 213- Godzilla- 5/21/13

We are joined by Mondo artist, and massive "Godzilla" fan, Tom Whalen, to discuss the merits of the modern day take on the city stomping Kaiju. Plus, we breakdown the new "Guardians of the Galaxy" trailer, talk about all the new DC related TV shows, and get in-depth with Tom about the current state of collectable posters and the future of the industry.

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You've got GEEK- 212- The Amazing Spider-Man 2- 5/7/14

We are joined by Johnny Destructo from the "Poptards" podcast to untangle the web that is "The Amazing Spider-Man 2".