You've got GEEK- Episode 137- 6/13/12

It's the You've got GEEK Prometheus battle Royale! Joel Rickenbach, Kevin Regan, Brendan Carr, Tara Bennett, Chuck Francisco, Mike Henley and Bill Edwards enter the ring, and it's up to you, dear listener, to decide who emerges victorious.


You've got GEEK- Episode 135- 5/23/12

Is Peter Berg doing his best Michael Bay impression? Does a board game a good movie make? We quite possibly answer those questions and more in this week's episode. Plus we talk Paul McCartney's "RAM", The Beach Boys, The Dictator and some juicy, juicy news. Special Guest: Chuck Francisco


You've got GEEK- Episode 134- 5/16/12

We are joined by our good friend Bill Kozak to help discuss Tim Burton and Johnny Depp's latest... masterp... movie, Dark Shadows. We also discuss where Tim Burton stands these days in our corner of the geek universe. Plus "Mad Men", a Donald "Duck" Dunn eulogy from Brendan and Joel ignores his duties as host while watching "42nd Street Forever" on Blu Ray.


You've got GEEK- Episode 133- 5/9/12


Avengers Assemble! With special guest Chuck Francisco (Midnight Cheese, Mania's Shock-O-Rama)


You've got GEEK- Episode 132- 4/25/12

We are incredibly excited to bring you an experience we shared with Riff Comissioner and creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Cinematic Titanic- Joel Hodgson. Joel has been teaching a class on the art of riffing movies, and we were lucky enough to sit in during a class and interview Joel and some of his students. Plus we rant about the impending 48 frames per second film standard, and answer some listener mail.

*There was a slight audio hiccup in the episode. It has been fixed, and the offending party sacked.*